Jaime García Moreno is a conservationist and a scientist capable of generating realistic and creative ideas, always watchful for opportunities to improve nature and push society further towards sustainability. He has extensive knowledge of biodiversity and a decade of first hand experience with nature conservation, having served on senior roles in three different international NGOs. He has effectively brought together partners towards achieving common goals in different and challenging settings. 


With residence experience in eight different countries, Jaime benefits from enormous international knowledge and an extensive international network covering environmental organisations, science and knowledge institutions, businesses, governments, and donors. 


How can we preserve nature and avoid biodiversity loss while promoting development? And what can we do to transform our society into a sustainable one? Jaime strives to find opportunities to advance these goals, to identify and connect those who should be involved, to guide the process, and to make it work. 


Jaime is always looking for new challenges where he can contribute and share his knowledge and expertise.